GS Academic Affairs UG: Manifesto Review

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Events in red are those that haven’t been started or there has been no satisfactory development in this regard.
Events in blue are those that have been initiated but not completed, or there have been some developments in this regard.
Events in green are those that have been completed as described in the manifesto, or have seen satisfactory developments.

Academic Resources and Infrastructure

Better Study Facilities

24x7 study rooms equipped with WiFi and air-conditioned study rooms close to/in hostels

Food Outlets in the Academic Area

Food outlets and coffee machines near the library, LCH and study rooms to be be setup

Enabling Better Resource Management

Develop an Academic Archive containing reference material of past course offerings

ASC Reformations

Launch SMS Notification Service for communicating online update of grades on ASC
Revise course descriptions and add information regarding eligibility, tagging options and prerequisites
Extend list of prerequisites to include equivalent courses which can act as substitutes for existing ones
Ensure creation of centralized online fine portal for ease and convenience of students
Online Approval System for dropping courses, registration rule exception and tagging approval to reduce needless paperwork, effort and thus speed up academic registration
Ensure the online application for official transcripts and reissue of ID Card

Student Support

Mock Pre-registrations

Launch a Dummy Registration System wherein a tentative list of department-wise courses will be floated thus enabling the departments to identify and run popular courses

Summer School

Organize IIT-Bombay Non-Technical Summer School that includes mini-courses on web development, finance, marketing, analytics, consultancy and foreign languages

Sophomore Handbook

Prepare a comprehensive handbook for to-be sophomores, detailing information regarding Minor/Honor structure, tagging rules, popular courses and project opportunities

Online Grievance Portal

Facilitate immediate addressing of problems on Query and Grievance Portal during course registration period by creating a live forum for the same

Mid Semester Feedback

Reinitiate mid-semester feedback of courses

Social Initiative

Propose to provide institutional resources and administrative support to Group for Rural Activities

Policy Reforms

Variable Credit Courses

Propose to offer a separately graded 2 credit research project with 6 credit courses having such a possibility

Tagging window for internship processes

Propose to open tagging window at the start of 5th semester to benefit students for internship process and minor allotment.

Relaxed CPI Criteria

Propose to relax eligibility criteria for holding PORs by allowing students with one FR and an appropriately decided CPI cut-off

DAMP Coordinators to be included in DUGC

Proposal put up in UGPC meeting with aid from ISMP Coordinators

UG First Year

Teaching Assistants

Propose compulsory TA training for freshman courses focusing on pedagogy and student engagement
Compile a contacts list of TAs and Teaching Volunteers for freshman and sophomore year courses
Allot TA contact hours for concept and doubt clarification

Resume Aids

Create Resume Generator app to ease resume making process for sophomores

Language Classes

Early identification of academically weak students by ISMP mentors for special tutorial sessions and English proficiency workshops

Research Promotion

Management and Allocation of Projects for Students (MAPS)

Integrate Re-Search, Industrial Learning Program and Student Profile for listing available projects with comprehensive project description and categorization based on requisite skills.
Create a Project Proposal Interface where students can put forth their project ideas LabCAST: Publish introductory videos of various research labs

eAlmanac – Online Institute Academic Calendar

Launch an online institute-wide events calendar including details of seminars, talks, institute symposiums and workshops;
Provide information about scholarships and student exchange programmes with important deadlines appearing on the calendar;
Equip with selective subscription feature and develop an Android extension of the same to facilitate notification of subscribed events

Social Impact Courses

Increase the accessibility of social development projects and enable CTARA project registration on ASC


Promote technopreneurship by collaborating with SINE and providing support to technical projects

Department Research Committee (DRC)

Initiate a DRC by nominating students depending upon the department’s requirement who will work in coordination with EnPOWER

Department Student Faculty Interaction

Organize a Department Open Day along with Department Traditional Day wherein freshmen can visit labs to learn about the research carried out and interact with department professors and seniors
Promote release of Department Newsletter outlining research and achievements of students and faculty

Career Cell

Placement 101

A series of seminars and workshops for pre-final year students to spread knowledge of viable job profiles and skills like English Speaking, Group Discussions and Interview expertise conducted by alumni and experts in relevant fields in collaboration with PT Cell and SARC


Enhance the Apping Database with details regarding GRE scores, Letters of Recommendation, Work Experience and Research Papers from pre-final year students


Ensure a consolidated central database of resource materials relevant to various job profiles and companies which can be accessed by everyone, including links to useful websites, relevant books and list of relevant courses

Lecturers’ Committee

Follow up on the series of guest lectures by eminent speakers to further round off the personalities of graduating students and provide a platform for students and faculty to interact and engage in meaningful debate with the best minds in the contemporary fields of interest