General Secretary Hostel Affairs: Manifesto review

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Events in Green are those that have been completed as stated in the manifesto or have received the full support of the authorities and are now in the implementation stage with the HA Council having no control over it.
Events in Blue are those that have been initiated but have been slowed down due to genuine reasons, but are definitely in the pipeline.
Events in Red are those that have either not been initiated or have been cancelled due to external reasons.

Enhance Outreach and Accountability of Hostel Affairs Council

Conduct a minimum of one agenda specific open house in groups of hostels each semester

Establish a Hostel Affairs blog to update current work as well as future plans

Develop a HA council Android app and integrate it with CMS to enhance accessibility

Institute Facilities

Automate the Guest Accommodation Booking System (GABS) to view the available hostel guest rooms and book them directly

Propose to construct a Lounge with 24x7 Wi-Fi in the hostel area

Follow up on the establishment of an additional ATM inside hostel area

Develop a web interface which can be used to easily Buy, Sell and Lend items

Propose to improve horticulture to enhance aesthetics of Hostel Area

Install direction sign boards in the hostel area in preparation of the Inter IIT

Propose setting up an auto rickshaw stand near Hostel 1 and Hostel 12-13-14

Propose to set up an online payment gateway for gymkhana activities

Ensure setting up a 24x7 printing/photocopy/scanner machines in all the hostels

Set publicity guidelines and ensure installation of Electronic Notice Board in hostels

Follow up on integrating the cashless campus card with the institute ID card

Follow up on the establishment of a unisex hair salon inside the hostel area


Propose personalization of hostel rooms by making accessories available via rate contract

Introduce Room Conditioning Forms for better maintenance of rooms

Propose to get a structural integrity test done for all the hostels

Ensure the development of a Dynamic Room Portal to make the room allotment completely transparent

Propose to have Hot Water Showers in all the hostels

Follow up on the online PHO portal to ensure better transparency and more efficiency

Improve the living conditions inside the hostels via the Make Hostel My Home initiative

Propose weekend room maintenance to ensure timely redressal of problems

Ensure use of vacuum cleaners during room cleaning

Ensure that Electric Backup is provided for all the solar water heaters


Follow up on the structuring of the Hall Manager’s duty and publicize it to increase accountability

Propose to pre-schedule the HMCs (Hostel Maintenance Committee) and increase their frequency and include hall managers and wardens to increase the efficiency of the system

Increase awareness amongst students regarding ongoing projects in the hostel

Ensure the implementation of the proposed Application Tracking System

Improve maintenance of common hostel facilities like washing machines, water coolers by
setting up central guidelines for AMCs

Revamp Freshmen induction session to ensure better transition into campus life


Propose auditing of hospital to enhance reliability and accountability

Introduce a hospital guidebook containing all information and standard procedures

Follow up on Digitization of Medical records to enhance the privacy and accessibility.

Ensure outsourcing of the hospital dispensary

Propose to set up a temporary medical camp near gymkhana grounds during Inter IIT

Propose to improve the queuing for specialists to save time by digitization of token number


Make schedule of the buses public and make it available on all the bus stops

Propose to expand outsourced Tum Tum facility to improve the frequency of buses

Follow up on Tum Tum Tracker project which includes digital route displays in Tum Tum.

Propose to run Hiranandani shuttle during weekends as per demand.

Implement a flexible Tum Tum schedule to take care of different events

Expansion of permanent bus stop shelters on all bus stops before the monsoon

Distribute the supervisors to Hostels 12, 13, 14 and 15 enabling better efficiency of tum tums

Ensure that the cycle pooling system is running as per the given proposal

Organize cycle repair drives in hostels to promote cycling in the campus.


Ensure availability of IITB Wireless inside hostel common rooms, hospital and institute eateries with possible expansion to hostel rooms

Propose to get a new gymkhana server to enable all websites to be hosted in-house

Propose to make WIFI access points available in hostels in case of emergency LAN failure


Improvise History Saving Mechanism as an official record of student activities

Propose to make HATS (Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship) fund utilization transparent

Mess and Eateries

Ensure setting up snack vending machines to enhance 24x7 availability of food

Ensure procurement of automated cooking machines to make bulk cooking more efficient

Setting up of a food court inside the campus with branded eateries starting with a pizza joint

Follow up on setting up an eatery in the Lecture Hall Complex

Set up centralized guidelines to make the canteens more hygienic through vigilance

Follow up on the exhaust ducts in the messes

Follow up on centralized Mahanagar Gas Limited pipeline to bring down mess costs


Make the duties and limitations of the security and vigilance public

Ensure extension of the automated gate entry passes to students

Propose enhanced fencing on hostels adjacent to the labour camps