UG Academic Affairs Council: Mid-Term Review

The Institute General Body Meets (GBMs) are conducted twice every year with the intent to provide all students a convenient mechanism to provide feedback and address concern to the student representatives responsible for various amenities on campus.

The UG Academic Affairs Council GBM is scheduled from 8:15pm on 1st November, 2014 at the IRCC Auditorium in SOM.

Kanish Soni

This review is split into three parts.

  • The first summarizes the findings of a survey conducted among the student body.
  • The second describes, in depth, the progress made on initiatives the council attempted / intended to push through.
  • The third is an excerpt from the General Secretary leading the council. However, in this case, the General Secretary did not wish to submit an excerpt.
Infographic Credits -

Infographic Credits –

Next, a brief summary of the advances in each sub-field has been provided. Please click on particular manifesto points to know more about the work done on each of them.

Academic Resources and Infrastructure

ASC Reforms

Student Support Services

Career Cell

Research Promotion

Policy Reforms

Do come to the GBM starting 8:15 PM on 1st Nov. at IRCC auditorium. Your views are important to us.