SARC OC Review: Tejas Kolhe

InsIghT presents a review of the work done by the current SARC OC Tejas Kolhe, over the course of his tenure till date. The General Body Meeting, or GBM, for SARC will be conducted on the 7th of November 2013 from 8:45 PM to 10:10 PM.

Following the review, please find a short write-up by Tejas Kolhe.

**A brief summary of the advances in each sub-field has been provided. Please click on particular manifesto points to know more about the work done on each of them.


Significant progress has been made this year for improving student-alumni interactions and establishing contacts with alumni. Special efforts are being made to improve the quality of interactions by having training sessions for SARC volunteers. The SARC magazine is planned to be released in December.

Provide support for building a digital library as an addendum to History Saving Mechanism (HSM) of students and alumni profiles facilitating quality interaction
Propose an online platform for campus updates to alumni fraternity
Integrate Lost Soul Search Drive (LSSD) and Life-Membership Drive with Phonathon on a monthly basis facilitating student-alumni interactions
Propose a platform for student-alumni interactions through workshops targeting entrepreneurship, internships and placements
Connect the graduating batch with the alumni groups in respective chapters facilitating settling, networking and mentoring
Propose to conduct professional training sessions for SARC volunteers for quality interactions with alumni during phonathons and reunions
Propose to introduce SARC magazine showcasing alumni achievements and updates for deriving inspiration and role models

Student Alumni Meet (SAM)

Several events were satisfactorily executed during this year’s SAM. Alumni-alumni networking and Buddy Talks were also held.

Improvise on existing events during SAM - sports meet, cultural activities, technical exhibition, mock interviews, core-weekend, beyond the horizons, panel discussion and others
Introduce interactive sessions for non-core sectors and alumni-alumni networking in SAM

Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP)

The ASMP this year has seen the addition of four PG members to the team, for promoting PG participation and increasing awareness. Alumni-student mentorship was held in the summers, with special efforts at connecting interning students with alumni in their respective companies/cities. Plans to incorporate an entrepreneurial and career counselling wing into ASMP are expected to be carried out in January.

Add an entrepreneurial and career counseling wing to ASMP in its existing structure
Promote participation from PG students by increasing awareness and quality student interaction
Provide infrastructure and technical support to Alumni-Alumni Mentorship Program (AAMP)

Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship (HATS)

Starting off with a major involvement of Hostel 7, HATS this year has seen a lot of progress. Extending similar activities to other hostels, however, depends on alumni’s funding for these hostels. No activity concerning Make Hostel My Home (MHMH) has yet been seen in any of the freshmen hostels.

Ensure proper execution of infrastructure projects under HATS and generate an annual fund utilization report for update to alumni
Introduce Make Hostel My Home (MHMH) in freshmen hostels with the help of Hostel Affairs council, thereby publicizing in other hostels
Propose extension of successful pilot HATS projects to all hostels


Several lectures and Buddy Talks have been conducted in association with the Department Councils this year. Department-specific news is constantly made available to the alumni through newsletters and archived entries on the site. Sourcing of Industrial Defined Problems, however, has just begun, and only two projects have been sourced so far. Industrial Visits are planned for the next semester.

Provide support to the Department Council to conduct lectures/interactive sessions by alumni on Industrial Perspective of department courses
Provide support to the Department Placement Coordinators to conduct Core Buddy Talks for placements and internships in core companies/universities
Propose to introduce Industrial Defined Problems (IDPs) and Industrial Visits for every department
Update alumni about ongoing department research and activities via department newsletter/magazine


Efforts are being made to extend support to IITBHF in its fundraising campaigns, and at ensuring that alumni visits to hostels and departments are carried out smoothly. ncreasing awareness about the same amongst students. There are plans to try and increase awareness amongst students regarding scholarships and heritage funds, and the same is expected to start in February.

Provide support to IITBAA in conducting Institute Alumni Day, Silver Jubilee Reunion and other reunions
Increase campus awareness about alumni funded and other scholarships
Arrange alumni visits to Hostels and Departments during alumni reunions with coordination of hostel and department council
Extend support to IITBHF in its AFCs (Annual Fundraising Campaigns) and increase awareness about IITB Heritage Fund activities among students
Follow up on providing lifelong logins to all students


While there are plans to revamp the SARC website and make it more alumnus-friendly, improvements have already been made in the Phonathon interface. Although archive videos of IITB have been helpful during fundraising and for motivating alumni reconnection, only two such videos have been made so far.

Try to keep the track of alumni, formally visiting the campus and ensuring good hospitality for them
Revamp the SARC website, ASMP and phonathon interface with improved design, content and features of exploring alumni profiles
Making archive videos of IITB for brand building and motivating alumni for reconnection

The SARC OC, Tejas Kolhe speaks:

Disclaimer: These are the views of the SARC OC and have not been modified or influenced by InsIghT in any way.

Everyone at some point of time feels the need for advice and mentoring. In IITB, taking help from seniors is not a new concept. We do it in every possible way; either to get motivated by them or to learn and analyze their mistakes so as to avoid making them ourselves. In fact the valuable experience of life outside campus is rarely transferred to students. This is exactly where the alumni can pitch in.

In the last few years, our institute has realized the potential in strengthening alumni relations which resulted in the formation of Student Alumni Relations Cell. Recently, SARC has taken up several steps, both on the frontend and the backend to connect students to alumni and vice versa. We wish to undertake several steps which will spark the feeling of contributing back to IITB in whatever way possible.

In SARC, we work very closely with many well wishers of the institute. Their willingness to contribute motivates us at every step to work for the benefit of the students. With an increased horizon of the scope of work, the team size has been increased from 11 to 22 members. The objective behind increasing the team size was to open up more opportunities for current students, enabling personalized connections with alumni as well as setting up better communication channels.

For the service of current students, SARC has a plethora of events like telephonic conversations with alumni in Phonathons, one-to-one mentorship in ASMP, Student Alumni Meet, interactive sessions, buddy talks and similar activities.

From the alumni perspective SARC acts as a bridge connecting alumni to the IIT-B family. Reunions and the Institute Alumni Day are held in association with IITBAA to welcome alumni so that they can have a memorable time & re-connect with their old time buddies.

So remember, if you ever feel nostalgic of your stay at IITB or feel the need to guide juniors at IIT-B who will enter the big bad world soon, feel free to “pain” us at SARC! We are here 24*7 to help you as we serve the institute in reducing the gap between alumni and students.

SARC is the body which IIT-B deserves and the one it needs right now. SARC is the silent guardian. A watchful protector. 🙂