GSAA-PG Review: Yeshwanth Reddy

InsIghT presents a review of the work done by the current General Secretary of Academic Affairs – PG Yeshwanth Reddy, over the course of his tenure till date. The General Body Meeting, or GBM, for the PG Academic Council will be conducted on the 7th of November 2013 from 7:00 PM to 8:25 PM.

**A brief summary of the advances in each sub-field has been provided. Please click on particular manifesto points to know more about the work done on each of them.

The following midterm review of the General Secretary of Academic Affairs (PG) gives one the impression that the work done by the PG Academic council would best be described as a “Work in Progress”. The PG Council has definitely got the ball rolling but apparently there still is a long way to go. Going by the look of it, a lot is left to be accomplished in the next semester. However, major breakthroughs have been achieved and stalemates broken which indicate a highly optimistic future. As one delves into the review, he/she will be convinced that January, February and March 2014 are going to be months where the council will have to work with a religious zeal as not as much was achieved in the odd-semester as was initially planned.

Curriculum Courses, Policies and Norms

Propose a bridge course consisting of all important computing software skill sets like MATLAB, PYTHON, LINUX, HYPERFORM etc., (depending on the requirement of a department’s curriculum)
Push for a spoken English course on the lines of other language courses running in the institute.
Follow up on the proposed Tagging system for PGs
Push for a curriculum revision every year depending on student feedback
Push for preferential TA allotment in all academic units
Propose Flexible TAship whereby postgraduates can opt for receiving reduced stipend, if they do not wish to perform TA duties
Propose Minors for PGs and construct its structure depending on the program
Conduct a survey for introduction of new institute electives according to interest of students
Follow up on NSO proposal as an optional for PGs

Information Dissemination and Awareness:

Propose new entrants to undergo basic Lab equipment training for equipment’s like CRO, DAC, NMR, TEM etc.
Implement a Query & Grievance portal and ensure prompt solutions to the problems faced.
Create a centralized project portal for displaying the ongoing and completed projects of faculty and students
Propose a centralized MTP portal where all the faculty would float their MTP topics and requirements (Also, recommend all the academic units to conduct an orientation session about choosing an MTP)
Propose a club fair (STAB, Engineering associations, E-cell, Techfest, Mood-I etc.,) during PG orientation and encourage students to join their interest during their 1st academic week itself.
Coordinate with student teams (FS, BAJA etc.,) and propose to keep a session in orientation on their ongoing work and opportunities for PGs
Create a wiki page to ensemble all the information regarding PG studies at IITB (from rules and regulations to ethics and course details)
Coordinate with SARC to create PG Alumni database
Upload previous exam question papers on professor’s approval and useful course resources

Research Promotion

Propose to conduct bi-annual progress seminar after 4th year of PhD
Propose to organize PG oriented events in Inter-IIT Tech Summit
Push to increase the frequency and quality of R&D magazine
Follow up on all the proposals which are in pipeline (International conference support, HRA for married scholars, study groups etc.)
Conduct apping sessions which are particularly PhD oriented
Coordinate with Research Scholar’s Forum to promote research and address issues among PhD’s

PG Council Calendar

Try to fit all proposed events into PG council calendar and conduct them accordingly. Gather periodic feedback on the events conducted and suggestions for the events to be conducted and optimize the calendar accordingly

PG Internship Cell

Try to establish a dedicated internship cell for PGs. Push for an internship window according to the convenience of respective departments.

Central Facilities

Propose to procure books, which are less than the approved number (not meeting 10:1 ratio)
Conduct a survey on deficient journals and books and ensure their availability
Conduct regular surveys on development on all central facilities (SAIF, IRCC etc.)


Ensure proper training of students before their allotment as student companions
Assign companions to the students at least a week before the registrations.


Define essential responsibilities for IMR, IDR, EM’s & AURAA’s for their tenure
Ensure the recognition of AURAA’s in their respective departments and give autonomous rights to conduct activities.
Inform academic units about the role of AURAA’s and involve them in decision making processes.