GS Sports Review: Harmin Shah

InsIghT presents a review of the work done by the current GS Sports Affairs Harmin Shah over the course of his tenure till date. The General Body Meeting, or GBM, for the Institute Sports Council will be conducted on the 8th of November 2013 from 8:45 PM to 10:10 PM.

**A brief summary of the advances in each sub-field has been provided. Please click on particular manifesto points to know more about the work done on each of them.


Initiatives for mass participation such as Trip of the Month and Summer Sports League saw very positive participation. Other initiatives such as redoing the website, setting up an online chess portal are still some time away as is the Health and Fitness Club.

Trip of the Month
Summer Sports Camp
Summer Sports League
Workshops for Recreational Sports
Health and Fitness Club
Online Chess Portal
Summer Cricket League
Sports for a Social Cause
Card Games Workshops
Centralized Purchase System
Video Tutorials on the Website
Gym Trainer in SAC
Inter IIT Practice during Monsoon

Infrastructure & Facilities

While no major improvement was brought about infrastructure wise this semester, all eyes would be trained on the beginning of the SAC Phase II construction next semester, whose designs were finalized in this tenure.

SAC Phase II
Changing Rooms
Air Conditioner in TT Hall
Sports facilities near H12,13&14
Old Gym
Issuable Gum Soled Shoes
TXT Web & GMail Bot
Gutting Machine

Institute Events

Implementing and getting Drona up and running was a big achievement this semester, even if its foundation had been laid 2 years ago. The council also seemed unready to handle conflicts in the GCs such as miscommunication on rules in the water polo GC, and teams playing to lose in the TT and Tennis GCs.

Freshie Weekend
Score Boards
Sports Mentorship
Sophie Volleyball
IITB Kho Kho Team
Open Power Lifting Event
Change in NSO Selection Procedure
Sports Committee Meetings
Lukkha Beyond Laptops

PG Events

PG sports received a substantial boost with the increase in budget as well as separate sports equipment for SOM and IDC players.

7 vs 7 Cricket
Budget Increase
Sports Equipment for SOM & IDC
Practice Slots

Inter IIT

While a major success was gaining approval for 2 way flight tickets for inter IIT Guwahati, practice for inter IIT this year was reported to be slow and not as effective effective than last year. Coaches for squash and lawn tennis were hired late, while the badminton coach has been arriving intermittently.

Dedicated Coaches
Flight Tickets
Subsidy Format


Complaint Management System