GS Hostel Affairs Review – Chandra Mouli Siva

**Click on individual manifesto points to get a more descriptive understanding.

A point in Green signifies that the work has been done and to a great level of satisfaction. Orange signifies that some more improvement is possible with regard to the point. A point in Red implies no work has been done in view of that point. To gain a better understanding of how well a specific manifesto point was executed we tried to take into account the views of the GS and the various stakeholders involved.

Hostel Services

Investigate and design 'pay per meal' systems in hostels, in coordination with hostel councils
Initiate construction of multipurpose courts and cricket pitches in hostels, using recyclable construction rubble drastically bringing down the costs
Will follow up on hiring a professional agency for regular monitoring, nutrition check and vigilance in hostel mess and canteens
Ensure quick completion of solar water heater project in all hostels
Follow up on canteen extensions as per the status and requirements of hostels
Propose to re-explore options for separation of common mess for hostels 12, 13, 14
Follow up on the timely progress of Landscape Development project for hostel 12,13 and 14 which includes facilities like food court, cycle shed, permanent bus stop shelter etc
*Will follow up opening of new gate of H-10 and propose to setup a tum tum stop near it

Institutional Services

Re-initiate the dialogue between railways and IIT for a reservation counter inside the campus
Will propose lifting of LAN-BAN during mid-semester examination and weekends; internal and selected educational sites to be accessible 24 x 7
Propose to setup a licensed permanent kiosk for Courier/Passport/Travel ticketing service in hostel area at discounted price throughout the year for students
Propose to setup coffee and snacks outlet near library, to function till late nights during exams
Ensure that Hostel Delivery service is provided by the food outlets in hostel area
Conduct a review and propose to upgrade the chemicals used by the Public Health Office


Propose to setup special automated counters for students for issuing prescription slips
Ensure organization of medical records of students into separate cabinet drawers
Will propose to make the hotline number for ambulance accessible from mobile phones
*Propose to have specialist visits on weekends also, for convenience of students
Propose covers for medicines with a copy of the prescription on them
Will propose to grant subsidy for expensive vaccines for needy students from Dean SA office
Will propose setting up of First Aid boxes at the security desk in all the hostels
Setup a committee constituting of students to review hospital services and suggest improvements. The committee will present a report to Dean SA and Hospital management


Will follow up on inclusion of at least one snake catcher round the clock and publicize a security helpline number accessible from mobile phones
Follow up the installation of a computer at main gate with a dedicated LDAP ID for
synchronizing guest accommodation booking system with it
Propose to improve security at the central water pump-house

Tum Tums

Will push to make the Tum-Tum service available 24x7 after 6 new buses are procured
Propose rear doors for big Tum-Tums, for quick and efficient shuttling
*Will review tum-tum stops in the hostel area and propose to add new stops near Hostels-15, 16
Propose multiple starting points around the gymkhana ground during peak hours to increase accessibility of tum-tums for hostels
Setup temporary rain shelters at bus stops in hostel and academic areas during monsoons, with a proposal to pave the ground, wherever required
Propose to make Tum Tum schedules flexible and frequent during events and examinations
Will display Tum tum routes and schedule for non-peak hours at all stops. A set of rules will be framed for the service and made public
Will propose to setup a dedicated phone number for real-time complaints against the service


Will integrate feedback for Food outlets,Tum-Tums, Hospital etc into the CMS
Will set up a hierarchy in the Complaint Management System (CMS) and provide logins to all hostels, with tagging of complaints as 'pending' and 'solved'. Pending complaints will be automatically forwarded to higher levels in the council after a stipulated duration
*Will conduct Institute open-houses as a part of every Hostel's GBM
Conduct regular meetings for Hostel General Secretary, Maintenance and Mess committees

Information Campaign

Will setup an online notice board displaying updates of all activities and events in the institute
*Permanent laminated notice having all important links and numbers will be put up on hostel notice board, which will be available throughout the year
Will renovate gymkhana website to integrate all sites related to student activities with it
Important notices and minutes of meetings will be e-mailed and put up on hostel notice boards

Green Campus Initiatives

Ensure planting of aesthetically appealing plants near food outlets
Will centralize scrap and debris details from hostels for easier disposal
Will propose to develop hostel gardens through green campus committee and IITB nursery

Alumni Relations

Setup centralized online interface for approved wish-list of hostels and other organizations
Categorize projects of the wish-list as sell-able units and ensure their visibility to the Alumni
Will Integrate information into History Saving Mechanism (HSM) through online forms

Out of the Manifesto things done:

  • Directors visits to the hostels. In every hostel, three or four major decisions were taken by the director. The team consists of the Director, Deputy Director, DOSA, Dean IPS and the HCU Chairman. These visits were done in H6, H9 and H4.
  • Wifi in common areas. Routers were ordered but got delayed due to the diversion to QIP. Order was repeated and will get installed soon. This got approved and the implementation is only a matter of delay.
  • Additional lighting in the room got approved by the Director during one of his visits. The Institute has to go through tendering !
  • Room painting got doubled to 200 rooms per year per hostel. Initially it was 100 rooms per year per hostel.
  • The Best Mess Competition was revived.
  • Postal Service onto GPO. A mail will be sent to the GPO of the person who receives a post.
  • 24*7 allowance of girls into the common areas of Boys Hostels. The decision was taken in a Hostel Coordination Committee (HCC) Meeting. This got approved. The final decision was left with the GenSecs and Wardens.
  • Mess timing got extended to 9.30 PM in all the Government Messes.
  • A Mess Subsidy of 3000 INR is being given from the next academic year. This is the first time ever when there is a reduction in fee of 3000 INR.
  • Cashless Campus – Around 1800 people have tags and are using it. Trying to improve the quality of the programme. The Idea to integrate the tag with ID Card is taken in a meeting and that is also in the manifesto of present GSHA Candidates.
  • Reimbursement of Hospital costs was increased from 60,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR.
  • Institute wide sterilization of Dogs.
  • Institute Network and Networking Committee accepted the Static Vendor Scheduling Policy. Every two weeks, your hostel gets a vendor and that too at the time requested by the council. A lot of pressure was released from the Councils. All the Council has to do is aggregate the complaints.
  • Launching Laundry 24, which provides laundry and dry cleaning services.
  • Online guest accommodation system in place. This is really a very useful interface. We can get away with all the previous unnecessary hard work.
  • Coupon vending machines near gates is in pipeline. Uniform will be given to the drivers.
  • Sim Card shops are set up in July when freshies are coming into the institute.
  • Developed a prototype of Electronic Boards in relation with STAB.
  • Getting approval for special task force for estate office which consists of Students, Deans and Authorities. This increases the work force and sees to it that the problems are attended duly.
  • House rent allowance to Married Scholars started – 5000 INR per month from this Jan.
  • The burden of the increased buses is not put on the students. The institute has given 23 Lakh as subsidy thereby relieving pressure on students.