GS Academic Affairs UG Review: Ishan Shrivastava

**Click on individual manifesto points to get a more descriptive understanding.

A point in Green signifies that the work has been done and to a great level of satisfaction. Orange signifies that some more improvement is possible with regard to the point. A point in Red implies no work has been done in view of that point. To gain a better understanding of how well a specific manifesto point was executed we tried to take into account the views of the GS and the various stakeholders involved.

Information Dissemination and Awareness

Upload and publicize ‘Academic Awareness’ videos and presentations on academic processes, opportunities and flexibilities of the curriculum
Implement a user-friendly Query and Grievance Portal (with a Gmail bot and regularly updated and categorized wiki/FAQs), ensure their prompt redressal
Implement a Project Portal to provide a platform for displaying faculty and student projects
Implement an Online Notice Board with categorized subscription and try for SMS reminders
Conduct department academic orientations and lab visits towards the end of first year

Academic Processes and Systems

Update course information on ASC and provide students with feedback on electives
Provide Time Table Coordinators with student preferences to reduce slot clashes
Provide faculty advisors with guidelines on overridable errors
Propose to implement an Online Application System (integrated with Moodle and GPO)
Try to facilitate effective selection of TAs in depts. based on course grades and preference

UG Research and Academic Opportunities

Coordinate with all Dept. G.Secs. to float summer projects for first and second year students
Establish the Society for Promotion of Undergraduate Research to maintain the Project Portal, assist students to find faculty and student mentors, spread awareness and showcase projects
Propose the IIT Bombay Summer School for short courses from IDC, HSS, SOM and IEOR
Encourage student teams (FS, BAJA, UMIC, etc.) to offer Research Projects on their machines

Career Cell

Continue an optional Professional Development Programme from third year onwards for Spoken English, Group Discussions, Personal Interviews and Professional Conduct
Coordinate with Placement Team and SARC to organize and record informative sessions on core and non-core jobs/internships, startups, further studies, IAS and IES


Compile App Database enlisting the selects, rejects, scores, projects and internships of students
Conduct dept. wise App Fundae sessions and video conference with alumni in universities


Facilitate setting up of Innovation Lab with sufficient space, facilities including machinery, dedicated trainers and resources, to support student projects and technical activities
Propose shifting of current Tech Room in SAC to one with much more work space than present
Propose installation of A/C and Wi-Fi in the Study Room

UG Curriculum and Policy Reforms:

Propose the introduction of English Foundation Course for first year students
Propose special minor allotment scheme for some seats based on performance in relevant courses (e.g. previous minor course, CS 101, EE 101, HS 101)
Propose uniform allocation of TA allowance
Propose to extend the duration of mid-semester exam timetable
Propose Minor option for DD students in 5th year subject to approval by guide
Propose the selection of DD specialization after 2nd year (for EE, ME and MM DDs)
Follow up on the curriculum reviews conducted in departments; conduct a Curriculum Review with Industry and Universities in collaboration with Placement Cell and SARC

Technical Activities

Organize Student Projects Exhibition for increasing awareness among faculty and students
Propose to establish funding channels for student projects with IRCC and Alumni Association and utilize the SINE funding channel (Techno-entrepreneurship Programme)
Coordinate with other IIT technical student bodies to conceptualize the Inter IIT Tech Summit
Try to ensure cash advance is provided to student technical teams for major expenses

UG First Year

Ensure timely SMS updates regarding scholarship deadlines, help sessions, etc.
Ensure that IPE (Intensive Programme for Entrants) is well defined and properly conducted
Try to provide tutorial solutions to first year students, improve the UG TA selection procedure

2 Year M.Sc.

Nominate 2 M.Sc. representatives in the UG Academic Council
Propose HS 699 (Communication Course) as an elective for first year students
Coordinate with GSAA (PG) to ensure that SCP supports M.Sc’.s

Library and Common Resources

Propose extension of library closing time to 2 a.m. during weekdays and exams
Propose procurement of e-books of all faculty prescribed books; provide e-commerce websites with the list for them to sell these books at discounted prices
Upload exam papers on prof’s approval and useful course resources

Addendum 17th March, 2013: The many initiatives taken by the GSAA(UG) 2012-13 outside those outlined in the manifesto can be found below:

Lan Ban Reduction(with GSHA and GSAA(PG))
Council Structure Revamped
100% increase in Summer Courses
Established UG Research Symposium (Opportunity, Recognition, Awareness)
English Classes
Ethics Committee
MB Study Rooms
New Xerox and Print facility
Professional Student Counselling
Library Fine Reform
Installation of Spike guards and more electrical points in Library
BookBay - Platform for buying/selling used books
ARP Online Integration
Tutorial Session Request Scheme
Inter-IIT Gymkhana Summit
Shodh – Interdisciplinary Research Weekend (Awareness)
Institute Technical Winter School (Opportunity)
URA Ceremony (Recognition)
Scitech Majlis was launched for promoting learning of Science & Technology through peer discussions.
Professor Sessions
Placement + App Fundae sessions dept wise - April 2012
Core Engineering Weekend - October 2012
Civil Services Workshop - October 2012
Finance Winter BootCamp 2012 - December 2012
IAS Classes - February 2013
Android Winter Bootcamp 2012 - December 2012
Inter IIT Tech
Inter IIT Messier Marathon
Tech ID and Roboshop
Institute Technical Summer Project (ITSP)
Electronic Notice Boards (in the Pipeline)
Technical Mentorship
Initiatives for PG participation
Infrastructure Procurement