InsIghT PG Video – Bridging the Gap (2008-2009)

InsIghT talks to the PG representatives of the Institute to find out more about the PG life, clear up misconceptions and bridge the gap between UGs and PGs. This is a multi-episode show; each question is a separate video.

Thanks to Rahul Bhat (PG nominee 2008-09, Sports), Vijay Venu (PG nominee 2008-09, Academic Affairs) and Himanshu Jain (PG nominee 2008-09, Cultural) for giving us the opportunity to shoot this video.

Episode 1: Can you tell us how your experience at IITB was different from your experience in your UG colleges?

Episode 2: Why did you choose IITB?

Episode 3: What, in your opinion, are the main differences between PGs and UGs?

Episode 4: In certain clubs, UGs and PGs do have equal participation. What are these people doing right?

Episode 5: Do you think UGs and PGs should have separate hostels?

Episode 6: As an extension, how do you think PGs should be distributed among the different hostels?

Episode 7: Are you satisfied with the representation of PGs at the Institute level?

Episode 8: What is the typical day of a PG like?

Episode 9: What is the PG attitude towards jobs and placements?

Episode 10: Misconception 1: do you study all the time?

Episode 11: How nocturnal are you? Do you have as many ‘night-outs’ as UGs do?

Episode 12: What is the dark side of being a PG student?

Episode 13: Any other things that make you different from UGs?

Episode 14: Concluding messages